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Avoid additional cleaning, unnecessary allergens and hazardous falls

by placing Amazing Mats in high traffic areas such as entryways

or in places where falls may easily occur such as bathrooms.



The Amazing Mat is great for any household that has pets. Placing Amazing Mats in practical

locations will help you avoid extra cleaning because of the unique combination of cotton

that absorbs liquid and the microfibre that traps dirt, pollen and other grime like magic.


Dirty Paws and Shoes

Pets typically don’t wipe their paws when they come into the house or before they get into vehicles. Even if they did, an ordinary mat isn’t nearly as dirt trapping or absorbent as an Amazing Mat. Placing the Amazing Mat at every entryway will keep pollen, mud, dirt, sand, snow, salt and moisture off your floors and carpets.


Pet Stains, Litter Boxes, and More

Pets aren’t the neatest eaters and drinkers.  Often more water ends up on the floor than in the dog’s water bowl.  An Amazing Mat placed under your pet’s dishes will catch all of these spills keeping the floor around the bowls clean, dry and safe from slips and falls.  A litter box is haven for bacteria. When cats leave their litter box, they track litter and bacteria onto the floors. Having an Amazing Mat at the litter box for pets to step onto will trap the litter and moisture that harbours harmful bacteria making your home a safer environment for pets, kids and other family members.

It is also ideal after bath time to catch all of the water while drying your pet.

Boats, Vehicles, RV’s & Cottages

Whether you’re on your daily commute, enjoying a weekend of boating or spending a couple of weeks

at the cottage, the Amazing Mat simplifies your life. The more Amazing Mats you have, the less time

you will invest in cleaning, the less money you will spend replacing carpets and mats.


RVs & Cottages

An RV or cottage is your home away from home. Keep the dirt at the door and not on the floor by using Amazing Mats in the same logical locations in your vacation home as you do in your regular home to maintain your standard of clean living.



Having an Amazing Mat on your boat deck where passengers board and exit will reduce any dirt, wet and debris from coming into your boat. The PVC free rubber backing prevents water from seeping through the bottom of the mat, so the mat won’t slip and slide out from under you.


Vehicles - Cars & Trucks

It’s no secret that we use our cars almost as much as we use our homes. It’s also no secret that our vehicle interiors get dirty quickly, especially if you have muddy paws, kids, hiking boots, ski equipment, and work boots coming in and out. Having an Amazing Mat on your car floor, back seat or cargo area can save you the hassle of constant cleaning. Mud, water, dirt, sand, grass, pine needles and more are easily absorbed or trapped in the microfibres, which prevents hours of vacuuming and shampooing that still may not remove stains on seat upholstery or car mats. NOTE:  the Amazing Mat cannot be used as a car mat on the driver’s side of a vehicle.

Safety & Accident Prevention

Falls are the most common cause of home injuries and can occur frequently in businesses. Falls can cause hospitalization and disabilities. Anything from a small amount of water to loose, dry dirt on the floor can cause a person to slip or lose their balance. With its high absorbency and ability to trap dirt, having Amazing Mats strategically placed around the home and business may help reduce these types of falls.


Entryways are the most common areas to place an Amazing Mat. The top fibres absorb almost all of the water and dirt

just by walking over it and the anti-slip rubber bottom is means family, guests, pets or customers can safely walk on the mat without it sliding out from under them. The Amazing Mat is even good with wheels on bundle buggies, walkers and wheelchairs. The mat keeps road dirt and mud from entering the house and remains flat and secure.

The Amazing Mat is endorsed by The March of Dimes Canada as being safe for people with disabilities. The NSFI certified non slip rubber backing, low profile design and unique tuffed cotton/microfibre blend is the perfect combination to provide a safe transition and maximum

debris remediation at Entrances and Transition areas.


Other common accident prone-areas are bathrooms and kitchens due to all the water that is present  in those areas. Place an Amazing Mat at sinks to absorb water that tends to drip onto the floor from washing hands, fruit, veggies and dishes or just simply by getting a drink from the tap. Place beside tubs to avoid slipping on the floor after a shower or bath. You can also use it to absorb most of the water that drips off of your pets after giving them a bath.


Got a hot tub?

Use Amazing Mat to absorb excess water to prevent slips and falls moving from the water into the house.

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