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Is the Amazing Mat Machine Washable?

Absolutely!!  One of the main selling features of the Amazing Mat is the ability to wash it in your

washing machine.  Make sure you wash it in cold/warm water on a gentle cycle.  Do not use bleach

or fabric softener and do not wash with other items.

How Many Years Does the Amazing Mat Last?

The first Amazing Mats were sold in 2010.  We tell customers that they last on average between 6 and 9 years.  Some of our original customers are still using them.  Like most textile products, it all depends on traffic, the number of times it is washed and the elements of where it has been placed.

What Makes the Amazing Mat so Amazing?

The Amazing Mat is composed of a combination of cotton and microfibre.  The cotton works as a moisture absorber and the microfibre's static properties traps hair, pollen, dust and sand.  Because it is machine washable it can simply be placed in a washing machine and within no time can be used again.  It's low profile and non-slip PVC free rubber back clears most doors and significantly reduces tripping hazards.

Why is Not Available Through Other Large Online Sales Companies?

Customer service and warranty are very important to us.  If you require assistance, we want you to deal with us and not be redirected to a call centre.  Because you stand on the Amazing Mat, we stand behind it.

Can I Pick Up the Amazing Mat in Person?

Although we do not have a brick and mortar store, we are conveniently located just outside of Orangeville, ON.  If you wish to pick up your order and avoid shipping costs please email us at  In addition, we have partnered with a select number of businesses who offer in person shopping of the Amazing Mat.

How Do I Know if I Already Own an Amazing Mat?

To identify the Amazing Mat from the competition, you will find a series of numbers printed on the back of the Amazing Mat.  We are the only self absorbent mat on the market that has numbers on their mats.  

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